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Okke Ornstein & Bananama Republic Creates New Fraudulent Scam For Christmas | Monte Friesner Breaking News |

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WANTED SA on Saturday October 6, 2012 reported that Okke Ornstein of Bananama Republic, Ornstein.Org, The Tulip Fund, Save The Sloths and lately of the ill fated Paraguas Books, which was forced to be closed now, has a new Fraudulent Swindle.

Several of our readers contacted us by email to advise us that Okke Ornstein has been sending out hundreds of SPAM letters by email soliciting his latest effort to raise money by fraud. Here is the direct copy of the latest scam for Okke Ornstein and if you believe this then you believe “cows can jump over the moon”.


I did a little quiz recently with some friends on FaceBook, having them guess what the above picture shows. Nobody guessed.

After so many years in Panama, I sometimes think I've seen it all. Last weekend I was in the Ngobe comarca, for a radio documentary about the Barro Blanco dam. I just finished a write up of how Jose Blandon and Herbert Young were paid a lot of money to get a law written and passed that would benefit a known fraud artist. Meanwhile, I have to go to court because foreign hucksters keep using Panama as a libel tourism destination.

But none of that has anything to do with the picture. I finally gave the right answer to my friends: It's an orphanage.

At just 30 minutes by car from Panama City, in Arraijan, at a place called Luz y Esperanza, between 20 and 30 kids, some of them toddlers, live in a tent-like structure that has a roof made of old tarps, walls - if you can call it that - made of recycled pallets, and the floor is only partially covered with cement.

Actually, the kids there are not just orphans. Some have been placed out of their homes by the authorities and dumped here. These kids have thus escaped an environment of violence, abuse, drugs or gangs - only to find themselves in a mud pool.

The authorities - courts; what passes for "child protection" in Panama - place these kids here, but they do not contribute a penny towards basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing. It is thanks to gifts and the tireless efforts of the couple that manages the place that these children have at least a temporary shelter that feels secure to them.

I visited there a month ago and it was a jaw-dropping experience. As I said, after 12 years in Panama I thought I'd seen it all. Since that visit, I have been wondering what I could do about it.

Luckily, I am not alone. I actually tagged onto a group of students who, as part of their certification as school teachers, have to do a certain amount of community work, and they chose this orphanage as the beneficiary of their efforts. They are trying to get some local entrepreneurs to pool a bit of resources to get some relatively simple issues done like, say, decent roofing.

Then I wondered what journalism and photography can do. Of course I could do a story about the scandalous conditions in which these kids are placed by the authorities, illustrate it, slam those responsible - but then what? I did something like that years ago, about a retirement home in Bocas, and nothing changed.

So, this time, I decided, I'm going to sell you something. A book. I'll be taking photographs, portraits and daily life, at this orphanage - as far as privacy concerns and permissions allow - and turn those into a coffee table book. Hardcover, dust jacket, premium paper - the works. I'm a good photographer, you can go see some of my work on my website.

The idea is that you buy that book, pre-order, and it's really expensive: $250 or more. Another way of saying the same thing is that if you donate at least $250, you get the book for free. It's up to you whichever way you want to look at it.

You can also donate less, but then you don't get the book.

The money I collect will be used by the students I mentioned, to fix the place up. We can't change their personal misery, but we can give them a decent place to stay.

So, if you feel inclined to make a donation and/or buy the book - or several books, Xmas is coming - reply to this email for the details. Everything will be managed transparently.

Thanks for your time,

Okke Ornstein

WANTED SA “ALERTS” all to be on the lookout and not to be conned in by Okke Ornstein and his fraudulent scams; however, at present Okke Ornstein does not have a credible “front person” but he is also using the following email addresses for his solicitation.

Okke Ornstein has several convictions and is waiting for sentencing in Panama.

Extra cash in prison is always and asset!

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