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Okke Ornstein Confesses to Cyber Hacking & Criminal Acts in Panama | Monte Friesner Criminal News |

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WANTED SA received confirmation this morning that the Law Enforcement Division dealing solely with Cyber Crimes here in Panama and in the USA have now a confession posted on Bananama Republic,  which is the Smut Blog still hosted by “Go Daddy”  that Okke Ornstein and his associate who we will refer to at present as only ‘THE LANDLORD” until authorities in Panama and in the USA finalize their investigation.

Okke Ornstein and the Web Designer mentioned in the January 2009 criminal charges;  THE LANDLORD and the tall blonde Web Designer who Ornstein refers to in his article is yet another web designer; who we will refer to at present as only THE RUSSIAN WEB DESIGNER (referred to as RWD) are directly implicated with Okke Ornstein into the hacking of Mr. Friesner's computer banks and stealing documents and email.

It is important to mention that RWD works for the landlord at his offices and that Ornstein under surveillance was seen picking up documents again in Paitilla on Friday September 07, 2012 which is a district in the Republic of Panama. The same RWD is also under investigation for kidnapping a child from Russia and escaping first to Costa Rican and now in Panama.

THE LANDLORD & his son also broke into the offices during the May 2010 explosion at the Global Bank Tower in Panama where THE LANDLORD owns office suites purchased with questionable assets and money. The offices were closed for 3 weeks; however, both the landlord and his son had the only keys and authorization to enter the building and pilfer the officer which we are told was a regular routine for them.

Or so says the Cyber Crimes division of the government of Panama!!!!

Okke Ornstein now fantasizes about being Julian Assange!!!
It is interesting to point out that the Web Designer mentioned above has previous criminal charges pending from November of 2009 and now WANTED SA has discovered that Okke Ornstein is his partner and has been so since June of 2009.

"Oh what a web of fraud and deceit we weave", but that is the lifestyle of Okke Ornstein. No more private planes and fancy apartments with Marc Harris. Soon it will be a solitary padded cell with 3 meals per day served compliments of the Panamanian government.
Okke Ornstein on www.ornstein.org wrote the following statement:

“What is he [Monte Friesner] gonna sue about, since everything I wrote was, in fact, true? Well, it seems that Monte Friesner is planning to maintain that I illegally published a nude picture of his wife and business partner Tatiana Nazarova.  Which is of course nonsense. Truth is that Monte Friesner himself, using the totally transparent alias of “Shanita Ramdin“, sent me pics featuring, allegedly, his wife. Yes, I can prove that.”

So why hasn't Okke Ornstein proved 'that' and, in point of fact, he has actually refused to submit any evidence of his statement? Because Okke Ornstein knows that he is the one that fabricated the complete situation just as he fabricates many of the comments on his web site even to the point of pretending [and writing] that he is an actual fan of the website.

Ornstein has been summoned many times to appear in front of the prosecutor, the District Attorney, and the Courts in Panama; however, he claims that none of them have any jurisdiction over him, because he is a Dutch citizen. Like, right! Because I am a foreigner I can commit any crime I want to here in Panama and you [the government] can't do anything about it. How demented is that?

On Panama CEW which is a Yahoo Forum on Wed, June 30, 2010 12:51:01 AM; the Cowardly Cockroach (as he is fondly called in Panama) wrote:

“So, to answer someone else's question here: Yes, theoretically this could happen to anyone. In a totally corrupt country like Panama, I'm sure you can even have fake information planted in these databases for a "reasonable fee".

“I mean, it cost me only a 100 bucks to get someone's phone records, and bank account info is only slightly more, so go figure.”

Is Ornstein being stupid or completely insane in making such a confession [?] or is he simply seeking some 'glory' for the multitude of crimes he has committed here in Panama? Only time will tell.
We are advised by Law Enforcement in the USA that Okke Ornstein had Ornstein.Org his other smut blog moved from being hosted by Go Daddy in the USA to a hosting company in Germany that we will reveal in a later issue or on www.wantedsa.com

However, Okke Ornstein was captured, arrested and hauled off in front of the Judge for 2 upcoming Criminal Trials of which the victims are confident he will be convicted and sent to prison.

For further information about Okke Ornstein and his Criminal Activities in Central America; kindly refer to www.wantedsa.com or just type his name on Google and get ready for a shock of information.

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